• Lesley is a Master at bringing your dreams into reality. Being a Type-A high achiever, I had the belief that "I had to do it all" and "be great at everything that I do". This only caused me to feel more stress instead of coming from a creative, fun state of mind. I knew there had to be a different way to get the results I wanted, without burning myself out and doing everything on my own. With Lesley, I was able to get all my needs met in one place. Since working with her, I have developed the courage and confidence to set boundaries around my time, my rates, and my energy, which has given me a renewed sense of power and excitement for what is to come. She also made me feel safe enough to look at my fears and what was really driving my day-to-day decisions. I have so much more energy and joy for my work which had been missing for a long time. Lesley really helped me change my mindset around what is possible for me. I highly recommend her. She will show you a brand new way of being and reclaim your time!

    Alicia Holistic Counselor & Certified Coach
  • Lesley was amazing… I could just throw out everything that was going on with me, and she was able to connect it in a way that I just never had before. Every time I talked to my friends, or my sister about my sessions, they were just blown away by how much we were getting done. It changes your life. Seeing the changes in myself every day: being calmer, being able to sit, being more present in my everyday life, feeling more grounded, just being more present in the moment and happy with it. I’m feeling happy with myself because my brain is not making up stories to make myself feel lesser than I am. Coaching has helped me with my kids, my husband and a lot of situations. I use my life coaching skills daily. It’s amazing how much these tools have improved my overall life. Not only is life coaching for me, but now it’s shining through my children. I’m able to teach them these life skills that are necessary to live a truly fulfilling life. Thank you!

    Nikki Homeschooler
  • I had come to a point in my life where I knew that the stress I was internalizing and feeling on almost a daily basis was just getting to me because I was very reactive. And I could feel that mentally, physically, emotionally, and I wanted to try and calm my life down. My favorite part of this journey has been the physical and mental improvement that I have felt. The calmness that has come upon me has helped me better interact with people, helped me accomplish more, and just be happier. I’m so much calmer than I used to be. It’s a great journey, especially for people who have a lot of stress in their life. It’s a terrific way to be happy with yourself, be proud and enjoy what you're doing. It really has been life changing. If you are committed to working with Lesley, then it'll work. There's no question about it.

    Chris Surgeon
  • I'd seen a therapist during law school, just overwhelmed with work and school. And I didn't have a good experience. So, I was very hesitant. But the experience that I've had now, it's just a total 180. And I would definitely recommend it. I had a lot of growth in 2022. But I noticed the most significant growth was when I started with Lesley in November up until now. After the first session I felt a difference in my thought process. I knew it was gonna work. It kind of clicked with me. Using the tools that she taught me has helped me just be calmer. It’s all connected: you're letting things roll off your back and you're calmer, you're happier, there's more of an inner peace, and you're not as emotional. It’s got me to appreciate different things, whether it's about myself or about the people around me, or the situations that I have been in. Just being able to implement the tools in my life has made a huge difference for me in my journey. I was always very happy. But I'm even happier now. For anyone ready to put in the work to change your thought process, or whatever you might want by going through this program, 100% do it!

    M Attorney
  • Applying just the right amount of self-awareness to LOVE ourselves while adapting to a changing world is a tricky balance. If anyone knows how to do it – Lesley does! I have seen her demonstrate this skill over and over again in her own life – not to mention how she is strong enough to improve the lives of others every day! Lesley is not just an amazing coach. She is through and through an amazing person. I’d love to list off all her credentials and years of experience, but who she is today is what matters! (A DIAMOND) Anyone should consider themselves SO blessed to have a session with her!

    Lacy Personal Fitness Coach