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For high achievers who want a more joyful, authentic and fulfilling version of your life

4 Steps to Clarity and Calm



    You’re someone who has overcome a lot of adversity already in your life and you’re in a good place now. You’re stable, settled and have a pretty good life. You’re clear on one thing: you never want to return to the emotional rollercoaster of past uncertainty… and yet, you yearn for MORE. You hear that little insistent voice in your head, “what if you could do it? What if it is possible?” Yeah, your life’s good … but you wonder if it could be GREAT?


    You are capable of so much more than you realize. And you’re already 100% worthy and loveable. You’ve done all the therapy to heal from your past. You’ve done all the gratitude practices to be content with all your blessings. You’ve done all the self-help reading, and journaling and meditating. But there’s still something missing that’s keeping you from stepping into the life you really want. That’s where coaching comes in. We combine all of those things with some simple effective skills that no one ever taught you, so you gain ALL the tools and you need to build the life you REALLY want.


    You’ll learn to develop the courage, confidence and necessary skills to profoundly change your life and create a life you love, doing the things that energize you, fulfill you, and bring you joy, all the while strengthening your connection with yourself, your relationships and your dreams. You will be able to confidently and authentically step into an unencumbered life.

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I know what it's like to...
Overcome a lot of past adversity.
Never want to get back on the emotional rollercoaster.
Crave stability and normalcy AND want more at the same time.
Doubt myself and feel “not good enough.”
Fear taking a risk only to get hurt, be judged or fail.
Want to live more authentically.
Feel called for more than the thing I’m currently doing.

I spent many years healing myself, body, mind and soul, from all my past traumas. It worked. I healed. I created a beautiful stable life for myself. And then what? What’s next? I yearned for more. I entered the unknown to embody a version of myself beyond what I thought was possible. And so can you. Read more about my story…

More About Me


  • Lesley is a Master at bringing your dreams into reality. Being a Type-A high achiever, I had the belief that "I had to do it all" and "be great at everything that I do". This only caused me to feel more stress instead of coming from a creative, fun state of mind. I knew there had to be a different way to get the results I wanted, without burning myself out and doing everything on my own. With Lesley, I was able to get all my needs met in one place. Since working with her, I have developed the courage and confidence to set boundaries around my time, my rates, and my energy, which has given me a renewed sense of power and excitement for what is to come. She also made me feel safe enough to look at my fears and what was really driving my day-to-day decisions. I have so much more energy and joy for my work which had been missing for a long time. Lesley really helped me change my mindset around what is possible for me. I highly recommend her. She will show you a brand new way of being and reclaim your time!

    Alicia Holistic Counselor & Certified Coach
  • Lesley was amazing… I could just throw out everything that was going on with me, and she was able to connect it in a way that I just never had before. Every time I talked to my friends, or my sister about my sessions, they were just blown away by how much we were getting done. It changes your life. Seeing the changes in myself every day: being calmer, being able to sit, being more present in my everyday life, feeling more grounded, just being more present in the moment and happy with it. I’m feeling happy with myself because my brain is not making up stories to make myself feel lesser than I am. Coaching has helped me with my kids, my husband and a lot of situations. I use my life coaching skills daily. It’s amazing how much these tools have improved my overall life. Not only is life coaching for me, but now it’s shining through my children. I’m able to teach them these life skills that are necessary to live a truly fulfilling life. Thank you!

    Nikki Homeschooler



I help beautiful, courageous high achievers like you to understand that the adversity you’ve already overcome has created a wealth of skills and resilience in you that demonstrates a strength beyond words. You will come to know that you are capable of waaaay more than you think, and that your greatest fears become your greatest strengths.

And I’ll show you how to step out into the light, risking judgment, pain and failure...